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what we do

We are an online marketing company, with a strong focus on affiliate marketing. Our aim is to generate traffic by publishing within our network, media buying, and establishing a social presence. At Nexern, we strongly believe in success that is based upon quality. Our mission is to drive forward these high-quality standards, while fulfilling the user intent and providing significant added value to our partners.

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How we do it

We successfully drive traffic through our own network of quality websites, online portals and informational blogs. Next to our fundamental and strong SEO measures and efforts, we pride ourselves on putting the user first, which means creating content and establishing a product that will, first and foremost, fulfill user intent. We deliver added value by being objective, performing detailed research, using a clear presentation of data and facts, and by building user-friendly designs. This approach is supported by our strong expertise in keyword research, conversion, and content optimisation. Our team also is constantly improving and learning with regard to our social and media-buying channels.

we try to expand our current markets worldwide
Our Markets

We aim particularly at high-performance niches such as casino, sports, poker, bingo, trading, and dating. These markets are continuously on the move and growing every day. Currently, our focus is on the UK, Spain, and Denmark, but also includes Italy and Germany. We have specific teams for each market, with knowledge and experience based around their target audiences and customers. Looking ahead, we plan to expand our markets and outlook towards the whole of Europe over the following months, and towards North and South America, Asia, and Africa in the long run.

Our Partners

One of our main objectives as a company is to make our partners happy and build stable and beneficial relationships for both sides. We are glad that we can call the following operators our long-term partners and enjoy the trust they have placed in us over many years.