Three reasons for nexern

Our Employees

It is our diverse and international team, comprised of dynamic and highly motivated individuals, that continue to drive and inspire Nexern's success. In short: the team is our most important asset and reason for success.

Our Culture

We are an open-minded community, built on a receptive and creative culture. At Nexern you will find flat hierarchies, room for personal development, flexible working hours, and specific training support.

Our Product

For us, generating traffic for our partners and providing high-quality content for our readers are two of our main objectives that lure us into the office each day. We fulfil the user intent while adding significant value for our partners.

The Application Process

Our application process has been designed to allow for a smooth development, from submitting your application, to getting the desired job. We have broken the process down into five parts, giving you the best opportunity to evaluate us as your potential employer, and giving us the best opportunity to evaluate your suitability for the position. Additionally, we believe that transparency is the key to making the application process easier.


The application for your desired position should be submitted using our application tool. Please provide a CV, cover letter, and references, along with your earliest starting date and salary expectations.


After our hiring manager has received your documents, they will review your application with our team leaders and managers. At this point we may call you for an initial conversation.

first interview

We will invite you for an interview where we will discuss your qualifications, experiences, interests, and the position in more detail. You will also be required to complete a short test.

second interview

Following up on the first interview, we may invite you for a second meeting. This will be more in depth than the first interview, and you should prepare for a test.


In this final part we will evaluate the candidates to decide who will best fit the position. If you are successful we will offer you a permanent contract and welcome you onboard.

Career FAQs

We receive a number of questions regarding different aspects of the application process. This section will cover the most popular of those questions, from how to apply, to whether to write a cover letter or not. If you do have any other questions, then please contact us via

1. How do I apply?

Please upload all the required documents and apply using our online application tool.

2. What language should I use for my application?

Please submit your application in either German or English.

3. What format should I upload my application in?

You should upload your application documents in a pdf file. The maximum size is 5000 kb.

4. What kind of certificates should I enclose in my application?

Please enclose the relevant documents such as your graduation certificates and job references.

5. Can I still apply if I don't yet have all the required documents?

You must upload a CV and cover letter on application. Certificates and references can be handed in at a later date.

6. Do I have to write a cover letter?

You are required to write a cover letter. It is your opportunity to introduce yourself, and it should detail your qualifications alongside showing your motivation for the job.

7. How long can I expect to wait before receiving an initial response?

You should receive a confirmation straight after your submission. However, due to the high number of applicants, it could take up to two weeks until we contact you further.