Our Team

Our team in Berlin is diverse and comprised of talented individuals from around the world. It is our integrity, passion, and start-up drive that consistently propel us towards the best results. We also know how to unwind after a productive workday to recharge our creativity and focus.

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Company Philosophy

Our customers, users, and employees are what we care about the most. We listen to what they have to say and fully incorporate them into our mission to advance our standards. From the smallest details to the overall result, the quality of our projects is important to us as we strive to provide the best content our readers can get. Additionally, at Nexern we believe in openness – this means flat hierarchies, loyalty, professionalism, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Flat Hierarchy Flat Hierarchies

We support employee involvement by directly integrating them into the decision-making process.

Flat Hierarchy Best Idea Wins

We respect every opinion and engage different perspectives and contributions from our team.

Flat Hierarchy An eye for quality

We believe that the key ingredient for success is maintaining high quality standards throughout our company.

Nexern Philosophy
Flat Hierarchy Professionalism

Nexern employees have a savvy and professional working style. We also thoroughly believe in always going the extra mile.

Flat Hierarchy Team Work

We are a fantastic mix of individuals who always work together and learn from each other in order to get things done.

Flat Hierarchy Loyalty

We believe that our success is rooted in the loyalty to our customers, users, employees, and to our focus on quality.

Meet the Team

Get to know some of the members of our talented, creative, and international team. As a diverse group, each of them provides something unique for the company and feels at home in one of the most exciting places in the world – Berlin.

Sascha Sascha German Content Writer

Apart from writing unique content for our German projects, Sascha likes to hang out with friends and watch football on the weekends.

Klaas Klaas Product Manager

Superstitious, spiteful, over- ambitious, bitter, frenetic ...when it comes to football and card games. The opposite in real life.

Denis Denis Project Manager

After being a professional football player, a famous writer, and a superhero, Denis woke up here at Nexern one rainy, gloomy day.

Alex Alex COO

Alex loves writing, SEO, food, playing the violin, food, discovering weird books on his Kindle… oh and did we mention that he loves food?

Gabi Gabi Advertising Psychologist

Next to her interest of analysing human behaviour, Gabi loves playing squash, running in Berlin, cooking and traveling around the world.

Timo Timo Head of SEO

Timo’s passions are watching and playing football, riding his motorcycle and trying to run the SEO department at Nexern.

Martin Martin German Content Writer

Martin likes to write about himself and mediocre content. He wants to spend more time exploring Berlin but is too busy being ironic.

Morgan Morgan Danish Content Writer

A lover of words, avocados, and the little things in life. Ambitions are to create authentic content for Nexern and to become a polyglot.

Robert Robert Front End Developer

Robert loves to code at Nexern, learning new technologies, gaming, making videos for his youtube channel and playing with his cats.

Simone Simone Office Manager

If Simone is not playing with the dogs, she completes tasks as an Office Manager. She also likes to learn new languages and to spend time outdoors.

Theo Theo Back End Developer

Theo is Nexern's Back End Developer and owner of Chip. In his free time you can find him in dog parks or biking around the city.

Mark Mark Head of Content

Mark was found straying below the fold where he was yelling incoherently at the crawlers. It was decided to let him write content.

Stoyan Stoyan SEO Onpage Manager

Stoyan is passionate about Digital marketing, SEO, and e-commerce. He loves sports and photography too. His bike is almost an integral part of him.

Chip Chip Company Dog

Chip is one of Nexern's Company Dogs. He is 5 years old and belongs to Theo. Chip is a lover of food, people and squeaking toys.

Ben Ben Online Editor

Alongside his love for West Ham, fantasy football & flat whites, Ben writes & edits breaking news in the sporting world.

Sven Sven Online Marketing Manager

With his background in law and philosophy Sven is developing concepts for procedural fluency and communication.

Gianmarco Gianmarco Italian Content Writer

Somewhat of a nomad, his wanderlust doesn’t allow him to call any place ‘home’. But he did find a home for his content at Nexern.

Pietro Pietro Italian Content Writer

Journalist and satirical writer for 10 years. At Nexern he takes care of casino content though his favourite game is arguing with his girlfriend.

Michelle Michelle Junior SEO Onpage Manager

Michelle creates content for the SEO team at Nexern and is learning some new SEO skills. She also loves tasty food, nature and good music.

Arne Arne Communication Manager

As a cooking matador shaped by a European generation, Arne is able to utilize a colorful potpourri of skills in communication.

Luke Luke English Content Writer

A historian and Fulham F.C. enthusiast. Luke strives to stay ahead of the trend with his analytical sports content writing.

Rocco Rocco Italian Content Writer

Far better at watching football than playing, Rocco is a passive sport expert. He also loves reading, writing and pizza (not an Italian stereotype).

Shubham Shubham Data Scientist

Shubham is a fan of big data and code. Coding is truly his passion and data drives his curiosity. Besides that, Shubham likes to bicycle.

Patrick Patrick Project Manager

When he’s not managing the UK content team, Patrick drowns his Arsenal sorrows in craft beer, listens to synth-pop and eats Sudanese food.

Henna Henna Project Coordinator SEO

As a bridge connecting the awesome SEO team and other teams, Henna’s ultimate goal is to help the team work more efficiently and productively.

Gregor Gregor German Content Writer

As a linguist and historian, Gregor likes to write for his life. In addition to being a content writer, he loves sailing, making music and netflixing.

Max Max SEO Offpage Manager

Working on computers before he learned to read, Max eventually decided to specialise in digital marketing and deals now with SEO-tasks.

Manuel Manuel Italian Content Writer

Along with the written and spoken word, music is Manuel's passion. At Nexern he reflects this by making truly groovy sports content.

Maria Maria SEO Onpage Manager

Arrived in Berlin from the sunny south of Spain four years ago, Maria spends her money on visiting restaurants, travelling and concerts.

Bianca Bianca English Content Writer

An English content specialist, Bianca swapped Australian beaches for the bricks of Berlin to learn how to make puns in a different language.

Fraser Fraser English Content Writer

Fraser spends most of his time wrestling with the German language and pretending that he doesn't miss the cold and rain of Scotland.

Marcelo Marcelo Front End Developer

Marcelo still believes that it's more fun to experience things when you don't know what's going to happen and that humour is reason gone mad.

Sebastian Sebastian Communication Manager

Before joining Nexern, Sebastian worked as a chef in the UK. He’s now happily getting his teeth into fresh SEO projects.

Daria Daria Communication Manager

Daria is performance driven and keen on details. In her free time, she’s got two extremes: Netflix&Chill or bar hopping all weekend long.

Nexern's Office

Our office in Berlin is centrally located and easy to reach by all forms of transport. It is only a five minute walk from the old Berlin Tempelhof Airport, which is a great place to hang out in the summer. Our hard-to-miss red brick building consists of three floors with ample workspace and a basement with a cool kitchen and a break room. This office is our foundation – it is where creativity thrives, ideas are formed, and where our journey is being shaped.

Nexerns's office Nexerns's office
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